Buyer services

At Vivendex we believe that the buyer client is as important as the seller

Search for your new home with us exclusively, with us and other agencies, or with us and on your own, our advisers will accompany you throughout the process.

Vivendex purchase plan in 8 steps:

We identify your needs and the characteristics of the property you want to buy. We want to understand your project to help you achieve it.

We select properties that fit what you are looking for, both from our portfolio and the one we share with 30 agencies in the area. We visit them to see them first-hand.

We send you our selection and ask for feedback to make sure we hit the mark.

We open the doors of the properties that you liked the most and we show you in detail.

We advise you on everything you need: investment opportunities, financing, etc...

We negotiate the sale price knowing perfectly the closing prices of recent operations in the area.

We formalize the reservation through a deposit contract and check the public deed.

We advise you on post-sale procedures.

These are the expenses when buying an apartment


Value Added Tax on new construction homes and Patrimonial Transfer Tax on second-hand homes.

11% of the property value

Property registration:

they are set by the State based on the value of the property.

350 - 700 €


they depend on the chosen bank and vary according to the type of property and its valuation.

350 - 700 €


notary fees are normally assumed by the buyer, unless there is a previous mortgage on the apartment.

600 - 900 €


it is a mandatory expense whenever you need to apply for a mortgage.

250 - 600 €